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NDP State Central Committee Meeting


Oct 25

Embassy Suites, LaVista, Nebraska

7:30 am - Oct 27 6:00 pm

SCC Meeting: Oct. 25-27, Embassy Suites, LaVista

If you are a Delegate who is not able to attend the state meeting, please make sure to contact your Legislative District alternate about attending to ensure that your LD is represented with a vote at the State Central Committee meeting. See bylaws, State Central Committee delegates/alternates

If you’re interested in becoming a voting member (delegate) on the State Central Committee, contact John Yoakum, Congressional District 1 Chair 402-890-5060.

Guests may attend the caucuses, trainings, and SCC Meeting but cannot vote on items in the meetings. Guests are, at times, permitted to talk during the SCC meeting, at the discretion of the Chair. Nebraska Democratic Party meetings.

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