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Membership Meeting 6:30 pm | Central Committee Meeting 7 pm


Jan 18

Via Zoom

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Lancaster County Democratic Party Central Committee meetings: 7 pm third Tuesdays, except December. Via Zoom

Membership Committee meeting at 6:30 pm

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Duties and Responsibilities of Individual Members of the Central Committee
See Bylaws, Article II Section C, page 4.
It is the duty and responsibility of a Central Committee Member to conduct activity consistent with the purpose of the County Party organization. Requirements to serve as a member on the Central Committee are as follows:

1. Be a registered Democrat residing in Lancaster County.
2. Abide by the Rules and Bylaws governing the Lancaster County Democratic Party.
3. Voting members of the Central Committee of the Lancaster County Democrats shall participate in a minimum of 2 of the following: 

a) Participate actively in County Party functions as a member of a subcommittee as defined in Article V;
b) Take an active role in helping elect Democrats to office in Lancaster County by running for office, helping on campaigns, and/or recruiting others to do the same.
c) Be a monetary donor to the Lancaster County Democratic Party.

4. Members shall not personally endorse any candidate who is not a registered Democrat running against a candidate who is a registered Democrat.
5. Attend all regularly scheduled Central Committee meetings or be excused in advance by the Chair in accordance with Article II, Section G.

A motion may be made at the beginning of the meeting to seat those persons who have attended at least two consecutive meeting of the Central Committee and are attending their third consecutive meeting.  Guests are welcome, but may not vote.

The work is done by sub-committees. See committee chairpersons, descriptions. Sign up.

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