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Cassey Lottman

City Council District 4


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Community life was never a spectator sport for the Lottman family as Cassey grew up in the small town of Diller, Nebraska. Whether she was running the registration table at an annual event, helping with highway trash cleanup, or typing up new artifact labels for the village museum, Cassey has always been ready to do the work of building community. Since moving to Lincoln, Cassey has found that her small-town commitment to community translates very well to city life. When a safety improvement project near her house was threatened by outsiders, she helped mobilize more than 30 neighbors to testify in support of the project at city council. Thirteenth street is so much easier to cross and safer to drive on now, and Cassey helped make it happen. Cassey is running for city council to bring that same grassroots energy and ability to build coalitions to a wider scale.

Cassey graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Computer Science. She’s currently employed as a Community Health Engineer for Glitch, meaning she builds tools to encourage a healthy community on Glitch’s social coding platform. She is ready to bring her background in the software startup ecosystem to encourage the development of the Silicon Prairie and to help retain talent for growing industries in town.

Recently, Cassey has been active in Renters Together as an advocate for affordable housing and renters’ rights. Her volunteer efforts as a grassroots community organizer have involved advocating for projects such as the 13th St. Improvement Project and coordinating office visits to elected officials.

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