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Lancaster County Democrats Seek Second Associate Chair


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Chair Janet Chung informed the Central Committee on Nov. 19, Barbara Tracy submitted her resignation as Second Associate Chair. Nominations will be discussed and voted on, at the next meeting (January 21, 2020). Nominations should be emailed to [email protected]

·  Must be a registered Democrat living in Lancaster County.

·  Does not have to currently be on Central Committee.

·  Not gender specific.

·  Responsibilities include attending monthly Executive and Central Committee meetings, assisting with events (Debate Watch Parties, Patriots Dinner, county convention).

Article III EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, County Party bylaws,

Section A-C: Definition of the Executive Committee, Terms of Office (page 5)

Section D: Duties and Responsibilities (page 6)

Section E. Vacancies, Removals and Replacements (page 7)

In the event that an office of the County Party shall fall vacant, notice shall be given to the Central Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting. On the meeting the month after the vacancy is announced, the Central Committee shall then accept nominations and elect a replacement to serve the remainder of the term of office. A majority vote is necessary to be elected as an officer of the County Party.

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