2016 Resolutions of Lancaster County Democratic Party

We praise President Obama’s leadership in reducing the danger of global warming by regulating greenhouse gas pollution.

We must reduce the use of fossil fuels and increase usage of clean renewable energy, especially wind and solar.

We support consideration of a carbon tax to reduce use of fossil fuels, while protecting the most vulnerable members of our society.

We call on our public power electric companies to increase generation of clean energy, especially wind, expand programs to assist homes and businesses to use energy more efficiently, and apply strategies to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

We also support greater availability and use of mass transit.

We support the efforts of the city council to mandate the recycling of cellulose products and encourage the expansion of those efforts to other recyclables. We also advocate increasing the availability of free recycling locations and grant programs to pay for pickup services for people in need.

We oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline. We thank President Obama for denying the permit for the pipeline.

We support environmentally responsible agricultural methods which reduce any negative impact on soil, water and air quality. Furthermore, we support the research and development of such methods

We congratulate President Obama on his numerous successes in foreign policy, including the agreement with Iran to end their nuclear weapons program and his efforts to defeat ISIS and Al-Qaeda and their terrorist activities.

We applaud the efforts and sacrifices of our brave service members in uniform and their families. We believe our veterans deserve the best health-care possible, including physical and mental services.

We strongly support legislation granting our present-day veterans education benefits previous veterans have received, such as the GI bill.

We promote a balanced and humanitarian approach to immigration reform which recognizes the importance of keeping families together and the vital economic role millions of undocumented workers play in this country by expanding access to documented immigration and the path to citizenship.

We support the Dream Act and expanding DACA and DAPA until an immigration policy is adopted to allow a path to citizenship.

We support the protection of aging Nebraskans and Nebraskans with disabilities through the protection of Social Security and Medicare. Any reforms shall not include privatization or vouchers, but should include removing the cap on taxes to fund Social Security.

We promote an income tax system in which the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share, and no one can hide their income through loopholes such as tax inversions, shell corporations and other forms of offshore tax havens. Capital gains, dividends, and private equity management fees should be taxed the same as wages.  The increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of a few is unhealthy for our country. We should reward employers who choose not to outsource jobs and we endorse trade policies which encourage such behavior.

We support legislation to increase the federal minimum wage, and to index increases in the minimum wage to inflation.

We promote support for families experiencing catastrophic illness or the death of a family member and encourage paid and protected medical and bereavement leave for every worker. We support families experiencing a birth, adoption or emergency foster hood of a child and encourage paid protected leave for every worker and affordable childcare for parents who return to work.

We believe that working people who want to bargain collectively need a fair chance to express that preference, and we promote the passage of legislation which would increase penalties for unlawful employer anti-union tactics, create union recognition when a majority of employees sign cards, and mandate a first contract with a year of the start of collective bargaining.

We believe leaving the Supreme Court short-handed for a year does a disservice to the country and to those parties with matters before the Court.  The Senate should conduct prompt hearings and vote on President Obama’s nominee.

We promote efforts to overturn the Citizens United decision.  We promote efforts to amend the Constitution to make it clear that corporations are not people.  We support limits on campaign contributions and we oppose corporations being able to make campaign contributions.  We strongly oppose the secret funding of third party efforts to pay for political advertisements.

We support background checks for all gun sales. We support a ban on assault weapons.

We oppose capital punishment.

We support the legalization of marijuana under a state regulated system.  We believe tax revenues from marijuana sales will help reduce reliance on property taxes.  We believe that people who live with an incurable, chronic, medically based condition should be afforded the option and choice to medical marijuana treatment to ease their pain, suffering and symptoms of any ailment that causes disability, diminished quality of life or inevitable death.


We support efforts to reduce prison overcrowding by increasing mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment and job training to keep people from entering the criminal justice system.  We support the increased use of problem solving courts, including drug and mental health courts, to provide alternatives to incarceration.


We support increased resources for mental health. Inadequate mental health services lead to increased hospitalization, incarceration and overall human suffering.


We oppose efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  We support Medicaid expansion in Nebraska. We support efforts to guarantee healthcare for all people, including the option of Medicare for all.


We support family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom. Access to contraception should be a guaranteed part of health care.  We oppose efforts to restrict reproductive rights.


We promote equal rights based on sex and gender, including equal pay for equal work.


We support legislation to protect victims of violence regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, non-religion, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, age, disability, or marital status.


We promote the end to discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, including housing, employment discrimination. We also promote marriage equality.


We advocate the improvement and expansion of Star Tran Services.


We support the development of the South Beltway and East Beltway and fair compensation for those affected.


We support preserving, protecting, and expanding voter rights laws at all government levels.


We support the right of every child in America to have access to quality free P-K-16 education.  Further, every P-K-16 student should have access to a diverse learning curriculum, which we encourage local school board officials to prescribe. Examples of such curricula should include a balanced exposure to the study and application of all content areas, including sciences, humanities, arts and essentials life skills and be designed for students of all abilities. P-K16 students should be prepared for any post-secondary opportunity which is right for them, including post-secondary education, job training, military service, or direct entry into the workforce.


Because the US Government has given banks 0% interest loans in times of great stress and because human infrastructure is at least as valuable an investment as these loans, we support the elimination or capping of interest on US student debt. In cases where student debt is forgiven, it should not be taxed.


We support the right of indigenous people to self-determination.


The Lancaster County Democratic Party calls on Governor Ricketts, members of the Nebraska Legislature and the State Liquor Commission to stake sincere and affirmative action to immediately address the issues involving alcohol sales in Whiteclay, Nebraska.  Specifically, we ask that they address those issues impacting the number of children born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder on the Pine Ridge reservation as a result of alcohol sales in Whiteclay.


We urge the State Liquor Commission to review all available options and take immediate steps to actively enforce all current state liquor laws in Whiteclay.


We support the efforts of Nebraska State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks in introducing a resolution to study the situations in Whiteclay that would include a study of the Liquor Control Commission to determine if the Commission has fulfilled its duties and whether the Liquor Control Act needs to be strengthened to address the issues in Whiteclay.


We request Governor Ricketts review of the composition of the Advisory Committee he has appointed and add members of the Native American community to the committee to help develop local solutions to the Whiteclay situation.


We ask the Department of Economic Development to help bring jobs and other employment opportunities to the residents of that region. Finally, we call on all Democrats to become educated on the issues surrounding Whiteclay and to contact Governor Ricketts, members of the legislature and the Liquor Control Commission to ask them to take immediate action.


We propose, in future elections, that the Democratic National Committee change their rules to allow delegates to be bound by the presidential preference selection of Nebraska Democrats.


Be it resolved that the Nebraska Democratic Party strongly opposes all degrading remarks towards women, minorities and other individuals by Democrats elected to office or party officials. Including candidates for President of the United States, because rhetoric tarnishes the Democratic Party’s legacy as the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy, alienates millions of Americans and jeopardizes Democratic majorities in the Nebraska Legislature, the United State House of Representatives and he United States Senate.


We support the importance of basing state sponsored and funded curriculum on best practices and content knowledge as defined by educational, social and physical scientists and experts.


We support those with special needs and their families and caregivers and encourage expansion of programs and benefits that will aid each individual with their unique needs.