2016 Policy Directions of the Lancaster County Democratic Party

Reflecting the principles above, we, the Democratic Party’s candidates, officers and active members, wish to be recognized by the following intentions and goals:

We promote the freedoms and protections provided for all people in the Constitution of the United States America.

We promote an individual’s right to a living wage for the work performed, a safe and respectful working environment, and the right to collective bargaining.  We support a minimum wage indexed to increase with inflation.

We promote quality healthcare as a fundamental right for all people.

We promote accessibility to a publicly-funded education for all of our children, with competitive compensation for those working in our schools. We must find ways to make the dream of quality higher education a reality for all Nebraskans.

We promote sustainable economic growth to create economic opportunity for all Nebraskans.

We promote just, ethical governance that provides for people who cannot provide for themselves and creates paths for personal development and self-sufficiency.

We promote the right to lifelong financial security and dignified living standard for older citizens no longer in the work force.

We promote improving family life through helping people make responsible family planning choices, helping parents and other caregivers provide for their children and providing for children who have no one to care for them.

We embrace the diversity of Nebraska families.


We promote a foreign policy that stabilizes the international community through economic growth, humanitarian goodwill and diplomacy and a strong national defense to protect people living in this country from threats both foreign and domestic. Further, we promote concrete, meaningful support during active duty and afterwards, for those who serve our nation and their survivors in recognition and appreciation for their sacrifice. We endorse efforts to encourage democratic movements throughout the world.


We promote protecting our environment for the prosperity and health of generations to come, as well as for the natural beauty of thriving ecosystems.


We promote aggressive action on global warming. Global Warming is a human caused crisis harming our future existence, and we must take action to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution while protecting the most vulnerable. This must be our highest priority.


We promote economic development through increased use of clean energy.


We promote affordable, healthy food resources for all people.


We are for progress, we are change, and we are here to stand up for all Nebraskans.


We are the Lancaster County Democratic Party.


Further considerations

We, as the Lancaster County Democrats will be further motivated and inspired by the Platforms of the Nebraska democratic Party and the National Democratic Party as these are created at the state and national conventions. We will be guided by the Resolutions introduced and approved at our county convention today May 21, 2016