2016 Platform of the Lancaster County Democratic Party


This Platform reflects our pride in the fact that our party welcomes people with diverse opinions. We are also proud that whatever our differences on specific issues, we as Democrats are committed to a set of principles about how government ought to work and what should be the outcomes of government actions, as follows:


Honesty and Integrity

We value truth, open communication, and promise keeping, and expect these of office holders and public servants.



We believe that responsible governance open doors for the advancement of all people.


Responsibility and Accountability

We believe that keeping the decision-making process visible to all people creates policies that benefit all rather than special interests.


Mutual Prosperity

We believe that the health freedom, and financial security of the full range of families and individuals should not be compromised by policies protecting the wealth of those at the top to the detriment of the poor and the middle class.


Environmental Stewardship

Since the health of our communities and the opportunities we leave for future generations are directly impacted by the decisions we make today, we must work to use our resources wisely and protect the environment. Global warming is a crisis and we must take action to reduce global warming.


Respect and Inclusivity

We believe that one of the greatest strengths of this county lies in the diversity of its people and ideas, and as such all individuals and groups should be treated as equals in the decision making process and no individual or group should be subject to unfair treatment.


Freedom and Justice

All people are created equal and should enjoy the same rights and privileges. In our collective search for justice, no crime should be ignored because of the identity of the victim and no criminal should be punished more harshly because of his or her identity.

Civic participation

We foster and value the participation by citizens in elections, public forums, jury duty, legislative hearings and media exchange of opinions; these are the means of assuring the public policy reflects informed understanding in the electorate and community.


Human Rights

We promote the protection of human rights of all citizens and non-citizens, regardless of status, including comprehensive health-care.